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The followin text is for . ueetions 36 to 39.
Agnes Monica Muljoto or known as Agnezmo is a famous singer and artist. She
is the last child of two children from Ricky Suprapto and Jenny Siswono. Agnes has a
brother named Steve Muljoto which also becomes her manager. Agnes completed her
primary education in elementary of Tarakanita Jakarta, Junior High school Pelita
Harapan, senior high school and University of Pelita Harapan. However, Agnes did not
graduate in University of Pelita Harapan because she stopped and continued her
education at Oregon States University (USO) majoring in Political Science.
Agnes Monica began her career in entertainment world as a young singer at the
age of 6 years. Since she was young singer, Agnes had released three albums, namely
The Meow, Yess! and Bala-Bala. She became the most popular singer in the l99os.
Besides singing, she widens her careers in presenting. She became a presenter on several
television children shows. Agnes started acting when she was a teenager. Her role in the
soap opera of Pernikahan Dini (2001) made her name became more famous.
Although she had become a famous artist, she still continued her career as a
singer. Agnes released her first adult album in 2003, entitled “And the Story Goes”. The
album was re-popularized her name in the music industry. Alter being success in
Indonesia, Agnes tried to broaden her career in the international arena. She was involved
in Asian drama series entitled “The Hospital and Romance in the White House” in
Taiwan. In 2005 she was a duet with one of the singers from United States named Keith
Martin on his album entitled “Whaddup.”
Agnes managed to reach success because of her achievements in entertainment
world. Her achievements are awarded two years in a mw (2008 and 2009) at the Asia
Song Festival in Seoul, South Korea, becoming a master of ceremony (mc) on the red
carpet on American Music Awards 2010 in Los Angeles, Nine Music Award Indonesia,
eight Panasonic Awards and four MTV Indonesia Awards. Because of her
achievements, she was once believed to be the anti-drug ambassador of Asia and the
ambassador ofMTV EXIT in combatin, human traffickin.

36. What is the writer’s purpose?
A. To tell how Agnesmo become popular.
B. To describe Agnes Monica as & role model.
C. To announce that Agnesmo won many awards.
D. To entertain the readers with her three albums.
37. Agnes Monica is a artist. A lot of people know her very much.
A. kind
B. clevcr
C. diligent
D. well-known
38. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A. Three albums have been released by Agnes Monica.
B. Agnes Monica starts her career as yomg singer.
C. Agnes” role in soap opera made her famous
D. Agnes is popular among Taiwan actresses.

39. “Agnes had mmm albums

The underlined word is closest in meaning to

A. shared
B. created
C. informed
D. launched