Flat Earth Debate – Lemonbird Vs BM Furball Pancake Hero //Moderated by FTFE & Brainy Beaver// #bumidatar #flatearth

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Apakah benar? Flat Earth Debate – Lemonbird Vs BM Furball Pancake Hero //Moderated by FTFE & Brainy Beaver// #bumidatar #flatearth **This is not live, it is a mirror from Reds Rhetorics Channel**

As I will be unable to stream for 90 days I am unable to stream live debates on my channel, However the incredible Reds Rhetoric has given me the keys to his channel. This was streamed on his channel on the 8th Feb.

To support me through this period of losing my main source of income any donations to my paypal will be greatly appreciated. It is the same as my email [email protected]

This debate was supposed to be between Furball and Flat Out Hero but he didnt show so Lemonbird stepped in.

Sub to Brainy Beaver https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs_o_E_ctoJ6w8EcLbtf_iQ

Sub to BM Furball Pancake Hero – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTDvwNDh0iOZww6BqO2YnfA/featured

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