Flat Earth Nathan Oakley Gets Bricked #bumidatar #flatearth

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Apakah benar? Flat Earth Nathan Oakley Gets Bricked #bumidatar #flatearth Nathan Oakley has a standard argument he uses for angular size in a feeble attempt to debunk earth curvature. He usually uses shoes. In the video I’m debunking, he used bricks. His argument is that as the angular size of a brick gets too small, you won’t be able to see it. But if you put another brick on top of that one, you can see the second brick. He then makes the bald assertion that this is why boats, buildings, mountains, etc disappear from the bottom up.

Apollo, in the debate, pointed out that that’s not true. I guess that was a spoiler and you don’t have to watch the video. Of course you will miss an empirical demonstration on angular size using two cameras and a laser range finder with a yard stick and checkerboard as the target to show exactly what happens as you increase distance. You will also miss Nathan’s personal guru, Quantum Eraser praising Nathan for coming up with such a ridiculous argument. We can see just how feeble QE’s math and logic is.

Near the beginning, I accidentally refer to the thread dimensions of my 50mm lens as the aperture size rather than the objective lens size.

Another point of interest is I had no idea my Sony a7 camera with a cheap 50mm lens on it could pull out so much detail. I was hoping for the checkerboard to turn grey. I think I needed another hundred yards to pull back for that. There is still some aliasing at least.

Link to original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEXK4EAf9W8