Testimoni Belajar English Time ( Cara Cepat Belajar Bahasa Inggris )

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Testimoni Belajar English Time ( Cara Cepat Belajar Bahasa Inggris ) Info Lengkap
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Overview of Course Content

Level 1
Themes :
Numbers 0-10
Computer Words

Language Structure
What’s your name ?
My Name is..I’m….
Who is this? This is…

What Color is it ? is it red?
Yes, it is. No, it isn’t

How Many are there ?
There are….

What’s this?What’s that ?
it’s a…..

Level 2
Themes :
Members of the Family
Personal Traits

Room and objects in the house;
Describing where things are


Expressing Ownership

Language Structure :
Personal Pronouns


Have and Has

Possesive Pronouns

Level 3
Themes :
Parts of the body

Action one can and cannot do

Describing and asking about things that are happening now


Language Structure
Commands :
Close your eyes
Touch Your Toes

We can run. We can’t fly
Can you sing ? Yes I can

Present Progressive

Level 4
Themes :
Days of the week

School Subjects

Sports and Hobbies


Language Structure :
Ordinal Numbers

He likes English. He doesn’t like math
Have – don’t have; Has – doesn’t have

Do you like….? yes i do. No i dont

WH Question

Level 5
Themes :
Month of the year
the date

The Seasons

Meals and food

Language Structure:

Present Simple
Present Progressive

Present Simple


Level 6
Telling Time in minute
Describing past activities

Past Experience

Language Structure :
Past Simple : yesterday i woke up at 7.30

Past Simple : was / were
Past progressive

Level 7
Themes :
Talking about things we used to do Review Past Form

Language Structure :
Using “used to” in Past tense
WH Question in Past Tense

Level 8
Themes :

Farm animals

Animals in the zoo

Taking care of the enviroment
(Should/Should not)

Language Structure :
WH Question with Which
Review Present
Present Simple and Present Progressive

This – These
Do – Does

Comparison of Adjectives

Sentences with Should and Shouldn’t

Level 8
Themes :
Talking about Future

Language Structure :
Future Tense using”going to”
Quantities and non-count nouns
Superlative Adjectives

Future Tense using “will”

Comparing Forms of Transportation

Unit 9
Themes :
Places in the city
Buolding a house
The Fire Station and The Theatre
The Post Office and Telecommunications
The Shopping mall :
Following Directions

Language Structures
Noun Phrases
Manner Adverbs
Giving Directions

Level 10
People and Places

Language Structures
Review all tenses + time expressions :
– Every day I play…..
– Now I’m playing……
– Yesterday I played…..
– Tomorrow I am going to play…
– Tomorrow I will play….